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Man doing side plank with light therapy
Man doing side plank in light therapy room

Group Workout Class Schedule For Bartlett Studio

At 180 Red Fit, we are group exercise specialists in Bartlett, IL. We have spent years refining and perfecting our workout to have the greatest impact on your health and fitness.

We are focused on getting fitness right. From the studio to the trainers and of course the group workout, everything has been given the greatest thought, down to the tiny details.

Our schedule is regularly updated to ensure we offer fitness classes at convenient times for all of our club members. Whether you prefer a morning or evening workout, or want to get your pump on in the middle of the day, a class is available for you.

The studio will base the schedule on the needs of our members. We will have classes available as early as 5:00 am or as late as 8:00 pm to offer options to fit most schedules.

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