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At 180 Red Fit, we aim to help everyone achieve their goals. We create the environment, the workout, and the encouragement you need to meet your fitness goals. You’ll reduce stress and gain strength with our full mind-body workouts.

View members’ experience with our training, in their own words. We know that it’s important for you to hear real success stories from real people.

5-star review

I started working with Ian back in 2020 and have loved my transformation ever since. He has kept me accountable, driven and determined to crush every goal he has given me! From the days taking classes in the studio to now as my personal trainer, he has shown me that I am stronger than I ever thought I was because he had already seen it in me. Ian will listen to your needs and guide you every step of the way from start to finish. My husband and I have enjoyed our personal workouts for almost a year now and would recommend Ian and his style of training to anyone who is looking to transform their lifestyle.

Alexis N.

5-star review

Ian is an Awesome coach. He pushes to do more but also listens to your concerns and keeps you safe. I am so happy that I have found him. He has been Amazing on my fitness journey and thanks to him and his help with my journey I am Happy again.

Sandy S.

5-star review

I have had the good fortune of finding a fabulous fitness instructor in Ian Krohmer. He is simply the best. I’m always ready to quit but Ian won’t let me. He believes in me more than I believe in myself most days. Ian never lets me slack off, despite my best efforts. Somehow this superhuman coach has made me a dedicated gym rat. I’m eternally grateful with the fitness results I’ve achieved under his thoughtful direction. His dedication to his clients is second to none. Ian invests time and effort to get to know everyone he coaches. He actually cares about his clients inside (and outside) of the gym. If you want to be pushed to be better, stronger and more confident in yourself, Ian is your guy. He will call you out when you’re not giving it your all because he knows you CAN give more. He has coached me thru laziness, injury and self doubt. I am a hard core devotee of his method. You’ll walk in a client and walk out a friend.

Laura L.

5-star review

Ian is one of the most amazing trainers I have met. A lot of trainers use a cookie cutter approach and that is NOT Ian. He takes the time to not just listen to what you think you need, but what you don’t realize you need. With that knowledge he helps you find your why! I went through a lot of trainers before we worked together. “I can’t” was my mantra because something didn’t work before. I was afraid to push to harder workouts and weights. He found ways to make it work for me, both mind and body. Not only did I see the changes I wanted, but I learned to love workouts and my body too! His personality and passion not only helps make you love your workouts, but truly make them a part of your lifelong healthy future!

Monica F.

5-star review

In June of 2010, I decided to make a change in my life. I was 43 years old, out of shape and not feeling great about myself. I was that person who didn’t have to exercise to stay thin but that changed in my forties, and I knew I had to do something. I made the decision to join a gym but that wasn’t enough. I knew I needed someone to help me on this journey, so I made the decision to spend the money on personal training with Ian. We started by talking about my goals and how we were going to get there and then it was time for the work to begin. I really couldn’t believe how weak I really was when we started to do some of the baseline exercises. I couldn’t do one push-up during our first session and that was an eye opener for me. Ian was so encouraging and supportive and told me that I will get there, and it doesn’t happen overnight. I continued to train with Ian 2-3 times per week for 3 years and I can’t even begin to explain the transformation that my body made. I was 46 years old and in the best shape of my life. I was strong, confident and in charge of my physical health. Ian held me accountable to myself yet there was part of me that held myself accountable to him because he was not only my trainer, but he also became a dear friend. I will always be forever grateful to him for not giving up on me and not letting me give up on myself. He had such a special way of being understanding, encouraging, patient and stern all at the same time. He truly changed my life! If you have the opportunity to work under the guidance of Ian Krohmer, consider yourself lucky.

Teri R.

180 Red Fit Upcoming Special Events

180 Red Fit prides itself on being a community based business with a variety of special events for our members. We strive to make our studio membership feel like a family. Throughout the year we will be hosting various unique events at our studio to make sure the level of fun matches the level of hard work. Sign up below!

September 2023


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This week on the Coach Tip Tuesday! ...

This week’s motivational Monday member is THE Staci! Staci is a founding member that even has her very own exercise named after her! ...

Happy Birthday Joann! Glad we got to celebrate with you today!! #180_redfit #ourmembersrock #fitness #birthdayfun ...

180 Red Fit is very excited to partner with Savoury Cafe in Bartlett for a new monthly partner class!

The BS Workout…Brunch and Squats!!

This is open to all members and non members and will fill up very fast!

Register at www.180redfit.com/bsworkoutoctober

We will have a weekend date each month that will feature a partner workout followed by a celebratory brunch at Savoury! Each participant will receive a souvenir cup with a monthly specialty beverage at brunch! $40 includes your workout for both partners and specialty drink at savoury. A limited brunch menu will be available to order on your own.

Member Monday! Ruby has been a member since January and has worked so hard each and every time she comes in. Started as a power walker and she now has pushed herself to becoming a runner. Thanks Ruby! #180_redfit #fitness #ourmembersrock ...

Hey Jody! Welcome to the 180 Red Fit Family! So excited for your new adventure with us!

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Welcome Michelle & Anna who took their first class & joined! These two are friends with many of our members and the battle is on for who gets credit for the referral! 🤣

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Happy Birthday Kristen!!! So glad we got to celebrate with you!

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Welcome Larry! Larry crushed his first class and signed up to be a part of the 180 Red Fit Family!

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Today feels like a Monday so we will send you some Motivational Monday Love! Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! #180_redfit #fitness #motivationalmonday ...

Best Work Out and Already Best Rates in Bartlett IL and now top it off with a Great Promo!! Sign Up today! #180_redfit #fitness #laborday #promo #bartlettillinois ...

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Happy Birthday Anna!! Amazing way to celebrate!
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