Rules & Policies

AndiKae LLC d/b/a 180 Red Fit (“we,” “us,” or “our”)
1081 W Army Trail Rd. Bartlett, Il 60103
Phone: 630-468-0835

These Rules and Policies, as modified and amended from time-to-time (the “Rules and Policies”), are incorporated into and a part of the Client Intake Form, Membership Agreement, and the following Waiver of Liability (collectively referred to as “Membership Documents”) with us, as applicable. Neither AndiKae LLC, the franchisor of the 180 Red Fit system and the entity who granted us contractual authority to independently own and operate our franchised location, nor any of its past, present, or future subsidiaries, successors, assigns, or affiliates, or their respective officer, directors, incorporators, members, partners, owners, agents, management, controlling parties, entities under common control, vendors, service providers, investors, attorneys, employees, or representatives is a party to the Membership Documents or the Rules and Policies. Capitalized terms used but not defined in the Rules and Policies have the meaning given to them in the applicable Membership Document.

Six-Hour Class Cancellation Policy

We enforce a strict six-hour class cancellation policy. If you reserve a place in a class but fail to cancel six hours in advance and fail to show up for the class, you may forfeit a membership session, or, if you have used your monthly membership sessions, you are not a member holder (i.e. you are a drop in user at the studio) or you are a Premier member, as applicable, your credit card on file may be charged the amount for an additional session consistent with the terms of the applicable Membership Document. You may also be subject to an additional surcharge if such surcharge is in place at the studio where you registered for a class.

Unused Sessions

Unused monthly class sessions do not carry over to subsequent months. Any unused monthly class sessions will be forfeited at the end of the month.

Late Arrival Policy

We enforce a strict late arrival policy. If you are more than 5 minutes late for your class, you may not be permitted to enter the class and may forfeit a membership session or be charged for the class session.

No Cell Phones in the Studio

For your safety and the safety of other members, cell phones are not permitted inside the workout area.

Early Entry into Studio

For the safety of all members and guests, you will not be permitted in the workout area unless a coach is present.

Waitlist Procedure

If you are a member, you may add yourself, or request that a sales associate add you, to the waitlist of any normally scheduled class session. Being added to a waitlist, however, does not guarantee your entrance into a class. If you are on a waitlist for a class and a spot opens up at least eight hours. If you fail to show up for the class, you may forfeit a membership session or be charged for the session as set forth above.

Dress Code Policy

We want you to come to class fully prepared for strenuous activity: enclosed running shoes, athletic shorts/pants, athletic top, towel, and water bottle. A sports bra is considered an appropriate athletic top for women. Franchises reserve the right to refuse entrance to any client who is not properly attired or is wearing clothing that may be considered offensive to other members such as a attire with vulgar, sexually suggestive, or racially offensive language or graphics. If you are refused entrance, you may forfeit a membership session or be charged for the session as set forth above.

Children in the Studio

Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the studio at any time. Children ages 14-15 are permitted in the studio only if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times, and the parent or legal guardian has first signed any required studio paperwork pertaining to such use. Children ages 16-17 are permitted in the studio and may work out without parental or legal guardian supervision or accompaniment, provided the parent or legal guardian first signs any required studio paperwork pertaining to such use.

Session Capacity 180 Red Fit

Class sessions are limited in size and may reach capacity. Nothing in your Membership Documents guarantees your ability to attend class sessions that have reached capacity and for which you did not register in advance.


All rules and modifications to rules as provided and as posted in the studio or at are part of your Membership Documents, and agree to comply with the same. If you fail to comply, your Membership Documents may be terminated.

Last updated 09/24/2022.